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And a new collection: photos, videos, nice things that we came across today online. Starting with this McDonalds spy!


Because it’s also a radiator




“So if you reached this far, please don’t tear the wires, just unplug them neatly” – message to a Russian thief

Walking over frozen lake Baikal – the deepest, cleanest lake in world


“Mom yes I have put my hat on” – someone put a hat on bus stop and has written there these words

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Elon Musk, hello from Russia


This is life..


This will do it..

Russian Uber driver lady offers a sex present for every client – and police say they don’t know what to do with this kind of service – it is free, not for the money, the money is paid for the taxi ride


“Road to school, 1989”

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  1. I guess picture #1 shows us the serial fast food man. He wears a tattoo of the McDonald’s arches while working for KFC. Where next?


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