Dying Town in Abkhazia [15 photos]


Abkhazia was a part of Georgia during Soviet times, and then when USSR collapsed there was an independence war. Since then the population of republic has shrinked almost twice – from 525,000 in ’89 to 244,000 in 2016. So many towns left by people who went to search for better life. Here some photos from one such place.



Russia is sponsoring Abkhazia – in 2015-2017 they sent them almost 5 billions rubles each year.


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It can be used as movie set.

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    • Crimea? You really have no clue what is going on there if you think it is “dying”. Better to get it straight from people living there (my main source), people who visit regularly or go visit yourself. Unfortunately the Western press has been particularly guilty of simply parroting the propaganda provided by the Kiev government, such as their claims about empty beaches, rather than the journalists visiting it for themselves. A number of major infrastructure projects and a big reduction (sadly, not elimination) in corruption have resulted in very noticeable improvements in most people’s standard of living compared to the period prior to the 2014 events. It is also becoming a much more regular tourist attraction than before, especially now that it is so easy to visit from mainland Russia.

  1. Georgia, with the exception of some tourist places and the capital (repaired with EU loans), is worse and poorer than Abkhazia. A bunch of collapsed poor cities.


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