11 Facts About Living During -50 C in a City of Yakutsk


Russian blogger went to city where temperature is low. It is around -50 C and there are 300,000 people living there in the cold. He has told about his feelings and impressions of the place.


1. First breath when you go to street shocks your lungs like in ice pool. Then you getting used to this


2. You should not go on the street without something to cover your face. Or your nose would freeze to the bone. Locals often wear masks.


3. When you put scarf on the face you should watch it don’t touch eye lashes – because them would freeze to scarf.


4. Most of stairs in the city have the carpet put on them. Why the carpet? Just because without carpets stairs are so slippery as heck.


5. Some cars still going around but the most don’t go – they can’t start if not in garage (it should be a warm garage – and warm garages are not many can afford). Those who ride their cars they don’t turn them off during the day or they won’t start again. In some If you need to wait for someone you just go around in circles.


6. This is how the flowerbeds looking during -50


7. Local people wear Untis – deerskin boots that don’t pass cold. So they don’t really in hurry. There is a kids slide near the townhouse kids are playing outside.


8. Most time there is fog in town and it looks something like this:



9. Some continue riding bikes..


10. You won’t probably believe but this city also got their baptism winter icehole where men and women bathe.


Though it’s covered with a tent and some heaters are inside.

DyK-GDkWoAAolng11. Also scenery is nice.



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  1. Metal, rubber and plastic act differently when it gets this cold, mostly by breaking.
    Then when you have to repair the broken part, your time needed to repair increases exponentially.

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