Russian start-up plans to show space ads above world cities


The technology behind the wild idea involves swarms of tiny, light-reflecting satellites to create sprawling billboards in space. They say plans to launch first batch is year 2021. They invented even name – it is called a “space display”.

Here is their teaser ad:

Do you think its good idea?



5 thoughts on “Russian start-up plans to show space ads above world cities”

  1. Please we beg you anything but COLA OR KFC a picture of VOTE FOR PUTIN would be awesome anything but western company’s. Everyday we see coke adds everywhere its sickening how much money they spend on advertising.

  2. ….above me where i live the night sky is so bright during the night for all that artificial light a civilisation seemingly needs and during the day the sky is full of dust… so stars can not bee seen and a bright blue sky is a rarity… the day will come when we must see advertising…


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