Man Steals a Painting in a Mid-Day and Nobody Has Said A Thing [video]

Screenshot at Jan 28 13-07-28

So yesterday there was a panic among the Moscow art elite – unknown man has entered museum – one of the most precious Russian ones – the Tretyakovski Gallery. He entered it during a midday when many people 

So then he took a vintage painting (made by Kuinzhi 19th century artist) just takes and then walked away. You see the video above.

The people said “We though he worked there – he was so confident and fast”

Moscow police has closed all exits in subway and in other places and checked the bags of people passing but they did not catch him same day.

UPDATE: the guy already captured and picture was discovered too:

2019-01-28 13.10.29


Here is a video of man captured:

“Have you committed any crime?”
“No I am law obedient citizen”

“Where have you been earlier today?”
“I don’t remember”

Then they bring in the painting too.


2 thoughts on “Man Steals a Painting in a Mid-Day and Nobody Has Said A Thing [video]”

  1. The Russian police act like he is a terrorist, when all he stole was a low quality painting. It shows how brainwashed society has become. An ugly cheap looking painting with little or no talent to paint it, is now classed as a “masterpiece”, worth “millions”. Humanity is doomed.

    • Nah nah it ain’t like that, authoritarians are just plain pathetic, russia or any other authoritarian state, they use full force on the pittiest crime and break easily when things slightly rougher….typical syndrome for totalitarianism. art has nothing to do with it, ok….these auth-gimps are artistically illeterate


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