15 thoughts on “Russian Tu-22 Has Crashed [video]”

  1. I only saw the beginning of the video, with the horrific weather. The brave pilots risking everything every day. May they rest in peace and love to their families.

  2. As a pilot I see it differently. Smart pilots (and traffic controllers) divert to an airport with less severe weather conditions and precision approach aids. Such an alternate and IFR fuel reserves are mandatory. Don’t know how the glorious and invincible Russian aviation conducts itself, but obviously things did not work out for them in this case.

    • I suspect that in some cases this could be part of the regular training to land such plane in difficult weather conditions (which might be quite usual at the given airport). But news release do not mention any training, just that the plane was returning to its base.

    • From the voice tone and the things he said I think he was aware that something bad could happen, given these landing conditions. After crash you can here him say, most likely on radio or a phone: “Yes, they have crashed (in a confirming tone) … Shall I go the plane (to the people in the plane)?”

  3. Looks like hard landing (descend rate too high). I wonder, was it pilot error or plane malfunction. I guess we’ll never learn the full story.

  4. To those who write stupid polemics, I would like to say that they are soldiers who execute orders. They did not kill anyone. Go back to your big mac.

  5. God bless them, and their families, friends, and comrades.

    Soldiers are soldiers the world over. We may have to face each other in combat, but deep inside we are all Brothers, and Sisters.

    Rest in Peace my Brothers.
    Your struggles are over.

  6. Looked like a bumpy landing, but it also looks like the apparatus for restraining the nose cone failed. Surely there is a positive stop or failsafe system.

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