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  1. Come on…if you can hide in a hole I don’t see what this teaches the soldiers. Better to have no hole and let the tank roll over them while they are lying flat between the treads.

      • This sentence makes no sense. What is it you were trying to say? Besides, he is right, that is the way to do it but whith extreme caution. No vests or rucksacks or anything that could catch a soldier or he dies.

  2. The use of “Spider Holes” is an old, tried, and true method of defeating tanks.

    Sweating during training, prevents bleeding in war.

    Teaching soldiers how to hide in a spider hole, while a tank drives over their position, removes some of the fear of allowing this to happen in combat, as the soldier knows what to expect. Note that each soldier fires a few rounds from his rifle, this will likely cause any enemy tankers to duck their heads, making their view of the battlefield reduced. They then throw an anti tank grenade (training versions in this case, of course). Note that they do not throw that grenade directly AT the tank, but off to the side. Modern MBT (Main Battle Tank) have sufficient armor to protect against a hand grenade, so by throwing off to the side, the goal is to damage, or even separate the tracks. Tanks are great, but if the track is separated, the tank is out of service. Now infantry can attack the now vulnerable tank, from blind spots. More grenades may rupture fuel tanks, possibly leading to a fire. Diesel fuel will burn, it isn’t as volatile a gasoline, but you can get it to burn. Burning tanks, have a tendency to get very deadly, very quickly, especially for the crew.

    There are many accounts from the Great Patriotic War, of Red Army soldiers disabling, and even defeating German tanks, including Tigers, Panthers, and King Tigers, from spider holes, with anti tank hand grenades, and Molotov Cocktail gasoline bombs.

    Great training for young men. Teach them grit, and guts!

  3. Fire few shots (as shown in the video) and promptly get gunned down by tanks machine guns. Doubtful usefulness to be throwing Molotov’s cocktails at a modern tank, which can extinguish even interior fire in a fraction of a second. We are no longer dealing with WWII technology. Tankers like to also turn their multi ton tanks tracks on top of such pesky hide holes in 369 deg, grinding the ever glorious Russian soldier into a red mush. But it is certainly worth a try, if you are desperate and don’t have Javelins or Kornets to deal with attacking tanks from a distance.

    • Mr Mike;

      Most modern tanks do not have hull mounted machine guns. Coaxial MGs (mounted coaxial to the main weapon) rarely have the ability to depress sufficiently to hit targets only a few feet from that tank. Turret roof machine guns are primarily for anti aircraft use, not to repel boarders, as most of them either can not depress to hit ground targets, or if they can, it is difficult.

      I did not suggest that modern tanks could be disabled by gas bombs, I used that as a reference to one of the methods used by the Red Army during the Great Patriotic War. I very specifically pointed out the use of anti tank grenades by the soldiers in this video, and why they were aiming them off to the sides, rather than the center of the tank.

      If you understood the training scenario, then you would realize that the common location to place a spider hole is in the center of a road, that is flanked by steep edges, to prevent the neutral steer maneuver, and aid the thrown grenade rolling back down into the tracks.

      Soldiers also would not place spider holes in such close proximity to each other.

      In other words, this is training, not combat, and all field training is preceded by, and usually followed by classroom time.

  4. That’s a lengthy explanation. In the day of thermal vision I suspect such hide holes would stand out and their occupants would not get within a throwing distance of the tank. Has anybody used such a tactic against USA tanks or armor in Afghanistan, Iraque or Syria in last 20 years? Highly doubt it. The scenario of high road edges is also limited. I don’t care how Russian soldiers practice or waste their time on, these would be a last ditch or suicide scenarios that belong more in the 20th century. Of course Russian motto is mans mnogo, they won many battles by throwing their men into the meangrindrr, without regard to losses.

  5. Mr. Mike;

    All Muslim Fascists use a variation on that tactic regularly. It is called the suicide vest. Far less likely that your soldier survives, but similarly effective.


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