Awesome Tractor Zaporozhets [12 photos and a vid]




Russian man from Tyumen region made a tractor car from vintage Soviet car called “Zaporozhets”. Here is how its looking like:





He has taken Soviet ZAZ (Zaporozhets, cars were made in Ukraine during Soviet era times). Engine taken from the LADA.



Tracks he made from flattened pipes and transporters tape.

gusenichnyj-vezdexod-iz-zaporozhca-17 gusenichnyj-vezdexod-iz-zaporozhca-20


It can go on any surfacegusenichnyj-vezdexod-iz-zaporozhca-19


Rocking all around his village. Average speed on snow is awesome 20-30km/h. On the flat surface is 60!gusenichnyj-vezdexod-iz-zaporozhca-18

Here is video to watch:






He has used LADA transmission.



As a hunter he enjoys that his car gan go to forests even now in the winter.


gusenichnyj-vezdexod-iz-zaporozhca-10 gusenichnyj-vezdexod-iz-zaporozhca-9

Here is photo of the tracks – it’s a really simple thing


gusenichnyj-vezdexod-iz-zaporozhca-7 gusenichnyj-vezdexod-iz-zaporozhca-8

Vintage Soviet engine (LADA).





He installed an engine heater so can start at -30.gusenichnyj-vezdexod-iz-zaporozhca-14 gusenichnyj-vezdexod-iz-zaporozhca-6

Also got a special heater that makes rides in winter warm.




Roof has got a special window (as emergency escape if the car will flip on side).

One more video to watch:

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    • Have you seen other pics of the vehicles that people have made here? And some of the refurbished vehicles? Real mechanical talent. Thank you for sharing the pics.

      • Yes Yuri, I have been looking into this site since 2015 or so. I have seen some very amazing things as a result. I am constantly impressed by the levels of creativity that English/Russia has show-cased here.

  1. Great mechanical aptitude. Once again, the lada engine will last years as long as they are well maintained. Excellent. Congratulations.

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