8 thoughts on “Spent One Hour in Ice Water [video]”

  1. Whilst the water would be somewhat warmer beneath the ice, she must be extremely fit. I’m a bit older than her, and I Know I would be dead long before an hour had elapsed.

  2. i don’t think that this would be possible in flowing water or while swimming. The trick is to move as little as possible so that the water around the body can warm up and stay there… no?

  3. Easy. I did something similar and could have stayed much longer in a sauna in Moscow. There are two things to respect, to succeed :
    – water must be VERY still
    – you MUSTN’T move (not even extend your fingers

    If you respect there, a thin layer of warmer water will form around your body and you can stay like this a long time.

    Not being particularly fit, I stayed 10 minutes easily in a 8° water. I could have stayed 1h if I had the time and Russian a…e had not jumped in the pool…

    • exactly right, you need there to form a boundary layer around and in very still water. and air temp does not matter, water can never be less that 32°f

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