Moskvitch Jeep That Could be Awesome [12 photos]


Back in Soviet days a problem was amongst in Russian village – they were lacking little jeeps that could help them move around (roads always were a pain). And the import cars were rare almost non existent thing. So the Soviet car production tried to come with little jeep that could help the Soviet fellows get around the country roads.





For this purpose back in sixties they have made this Moksvitch car. But it never got released and postponed for better times.



This how looked the car in sixties.  Then in seventies again they began to work on it.



And have made more modern car. They have made the Moskvitch parts (headlights, engines all of those) and have made a little SUV. They have called it Moskvitch 2150.



And it had only three doors.



Back seats were in a row fashion.



And interriors were also copied from the Moskvitch cars.




Engine had 70 horsepower and could use some shitty gas. It had also two gas tanks (just in case they puncture one moving on the country roads).81c2c030a6223b0d96773c4c11ae5864

Gearbox had just four gears. Steering wheel had no power steering.



But again like car from sixties this has never been released.




Only couple cars were made. One has been survived today:096cd9c95be469f97828d09d99eb9e32

This is it in modern times.




Then, in Perestroika era they have tried reviving project, even though ten years passed it was still a normal car. But again it never happened, so just one car has survived.

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    • Disagree. It’s a utility vehicle, presumably a 4×4 (note the gearshifts). No more an eyesore than a Jeep CJ-5 or an older Land Rover (vehicles in a comparable niche). No idea if it would have been a good vehicle, but the external design is unremarkable.


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