6 thoughts on “Border Conflict with the Poland”

  1. Poles know exactly who Russians are. They are massively investing in latest military weapons that can hit into heart of Russia, including Moscow, in case of aggression against Poland.

    • I’m Polish and don’t know of anyone in my family or friends in Poland who is concerned about a Russian attack, including a family member who was near the top of the military.

  2. Assuming you actually are Polish, rather than a Russian troll, then please explain why Poland is making massive, greater than 2% GNP investments in military defense. They are the most determined of NATO countries to have a very strong defense. Also explain why you personally are not concerned, despite Poland’s tragic history of being attacked by Germans and Russians. Perhaps countries with a very strong defense don’t have to fear like weak countries? Or perhaps you do not believe that history teaches are something and tends to repeat itself? That Russians and Putin are actually Polish friends? What political party do you belong to?

  3. Kaliningrad, which IS part of Russia borders directly with Poland. It contains nuclear topped Russian missiles that Putin likes to threaten Europe with.

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