They could not remove the bumper from this car, what was the catch?



Man has come to BMW service with his recent BMW. And to fix whatever issue they had need to take off bumper. Usually it is no problem bumpers have the special locks and releasing one of those you can take the car apart. But this time even they pressed it – it’s not willing to remove. And the man was also puzzled he said car was never hit.


Then they found what’s the reason  – there were screws (!!) inside the bumper that were put there before when the car was sort of crashed and repairmen just screwed it with the screws and put the paint.


bmw_bumper_03 bmw_bumper_04-2 bmw_bumper_05


The repairmen of station says he sees this for first time in all his life. Also owner of car now sort of disappointed he know that his car was not so “virgin” and was hit at least there once.

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  1. Unscrupulous sellers often pull this kind of stuff. This is why whenever you buy a “used” car, you should have it professionally inspected before you sign anything, or give any money over to the seller.

    Never assume you are being treated fairly. Just the way of the world.

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