A Top Floor Evacuation – Can Save Lives of Many People [video]


Russian company has made a unique emergency rescue system that can save a persons life if the building is on fire and he has to jump in window. Here is a posting to describe it.

If you want to see it working here is a video to see:

There is already working version as you see the man has tested – he has jumped from a high floor and has landed without damage.


It is stored in simple backpack



Then you put it and jump out




Here is little animation:




They have used a space type gadgets that were used to land the ships in this little home gadget – it first pushes you off building, then balances in the air so you don’t flip in the air – and then there is a landing pillow that will jump from hitting ground.

11 thoughts on “A Top Floor Evacuation – Can Save Lives of Many People [video]”

  1. BRILL cant believe it took this long for something like this to be invented.. the only thing is this thing might not be suitable for large-scale sudden multiple evacuations..

  2. i only se one BIG problem i house or office building can have 100-1000 peaople and if the start jumping they gonna be landing on eachother…..

    • Better to take your chances with this then the alternative.
      I have been trapped twice in apt fires and it gives you a newfound respect for fire safety.

  3. Wow, this is really brilliant. I don’t even live in a high rise, but can see the value in this. I would add one suggestion. Either a separate deployment system for pets, or a means to carry your pet with you when you bail.

    I would like to see this offered all over the world!



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