Lion Cub Was Found on Street [UPDATED: 9 photos]


People found a lion cub, on the street under the car. Wanted call police already – someone said he knows an owner – it’s a man who runs Instagram offering photo sessions with a real lion (this one). Now he let cat to the street. Here are couple more photos:


lev_piter_02 lev_piter_03

Here is example of photo session. Police tried to reach the man but he doesn’t pick up phone.


lev_piter_04 lev_piter_05


His identity was found – he is man from Petersburg, he was on a TV show once but stayed there only five days. Later started photo business.


According latest information man became afraid of lion and tried sell it to the zoo, but the price he was then asking was too high, so neighbors say he tried just to expose of cat leaving it just outside.

UPDATE: according last information lion was taken to animal care center:

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Now they take care of him. Actually it’s lioness and her name is now Simona.


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