Regarding Tanks that Come from Laos..



If you remember couple days ago we had posting here about old Soviet T-34 tanks coming back from Laos country. A whole train load of tanks over 30 to be exact. Now they stop in every town and conduct a patriotic meeting:

Here is a video to watch:

Playing anthem, praising tanks. However some tank experts saying those are not Soviet tanks and they didn’t for sure participate in any war:

Screenshot at Jan 14 10-59-37


“The point is that those tanks are not Soviet made. A few characteristics you can see on those tanks allow us to say that those tanks are Czech made T-34-85s. They were made in Czech factory in Martin (now it’s Slovakia). Smooth iron casting of the towers, twin headlights etc – all this missing from Soviet original T-34. Also from behind you can see a tailpipe different from original tank.”

So it might be not so sacred in terms those tanks are later replicas and don’t deserve the hum they get.

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  1. hey I saw a tank and I had just had to take a peek. I wonder if its possible to make some kind of traction for side slipping? I mean for when they are on the trailers.Its just no fun watching a tank slide off upside down like a turtle. lol


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