Five LADA Models That Could be the Brand Best Car, But Never Released



The coolest LADAs in the brand’s history. During the whole time LADA never could come up with real “flagship” of its brand. But they tried, and here some tries we have listed here today.




1. Here is LADA Targa. It was a deeply modified existing LADA 2108. They wanted give it a “Porsche body”. But the Soviet engineers failed to make it into life.







2. LADA “Experienced”. This was first try of LADA brand to get out of “compact” cars – all the cars they made before were in compact class and form. This car seemed to be ok, but however the timing failed – it took them 10-20 years to release it and it was late. If it took them 5 years to do it then they could make the competition. This was back in 1980s.


3. Now in 1990s this was their idea of how the best LADA should look and be. The aerodynamics was almost perfect but the critics didn’t like it. They have named it “LADA PETER TURBO”. Buyers also in the polls downvoted the car.




4. Sometime later – new idea. LADA Project C it’s name. It appeared in 2007. And again like it was before – they were spending too much time on developing new car so in the end it was admitted that the car is outdated in an ever changing world. The development pace in LADA sent another car to hell.get_img.php-9


5. Then couple years after that they came out with this new concept. LADA C-Cross concept it’s name. It looked nice and had a good insides too. And it had all chances to go in series and became the LADA’s best car – but for some reasons it has never got released.

There is some curse on LADAs maybe – otherwise you can’t explain why the good cars never come out from the insides of this giant.

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    Nice front clip but overall……kind of radical for the average Russian buyer.

  2. Most of the design is crap even for its time. The only good one is the opel sierra rip-off which is an obvious design theft as usual for the soviet cars. The SUV is not that bad but again it is a rip off design and I guess you just can’t do things right

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