Newest Russian Spetznaz Assault Rifle SHAK-12 [7 photos]


Russian Spetznaz has got their newest weapon – Russian rifle called SHAK-12. American magazine “The National Interest” already called it “super weapon”. It has been said it can hit people even wearing bullet proof vests. Here are some photos and a video:




It can use armor piercing bullets and also pre-sonic bullets.



It’s huge 33 gram bullets can stop the enemy even if he is on pain killing drugs or is fiercly going berzerk.


shak_12_04 shak_12_05 shak_12_06 shak_12_07


Here is a video:

It’s a real beast.

5 thoughts on “Newest Russian Spetznaz Assault Rifle SHAK-12 [7 photos]”

    • Those will leave a mark alright. It will also leave a mark on your range ammo budget. It would nice to see a gas piston weapon for this. Adjustable gas to go with it would also be a plus.

  1. Another primitive looking Russian firearm…clumsy, heavy, poor ergonomics. By the way, proper English term is “subsonic”, not “pre-sonic”.

  2. Basically a Russian version of the Israeli Tavor X95. I would have to give the reverse direction AK Mag release a try to see how that would work out. The HK style charging handle bolt lock is a nice touch and something the X95 lacks since its bolt lock is back by the front of the mag. The buttplate release is a little exposed but…. All and all it looks like it is built like a Bullpup AK which would make it very hard to stop from functioning correctly under adverse conditions. IMHO

  3. Like Russian Saiga and Vepr shotguns, needlessly heavy, poor ergo, too much metal, probably freeze on the cheek in subzero temps, kick like a mule with heavier loads, unreliable with lighter loads.


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