Soviet Vintage Racing Car Pioneer 2M


When you are speaking about super speedy Formula cars you usually don’t really mention Soviet Union. However we also had a car that set a few speed records in the world. This car was called a “Pioneer”.



It was built in 1961 (the year Gagarin went to space). And that same year it crossed the speed barrier of 300 km/h (around 200 mph).




They planned to use it as a racing car (and even used for some time).4-2

They built it from the scratch not using any existing car as prototype. So it looked pretty futuristic back in 1960s, and maybe even looking pretty fine in our days in terms of aerodynamics.




It had a turbine engine (same as helicopters have). And it was super light just half of ton weight, with official speeds of 303 km/h.

From 1961 till 1972 they set 13 Russian and Worldwide speed records with this car.

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  1. This speed was not even impressive in its day. In 1938 Rudolf Caracciola in a Mercedes set a speed record for a public road of 432 km/h. This record was only broken in 2017.


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