World in 2019: Russian Robot Was Hit by Self-Driving Tesla in Las Vegas


A Russian company Promobot has brought their robots to Las Vegas to paritcipate in CES-2019 show. Then during the night before their robot as they report “was hit by a Tesla car that was autopilot driving”, they claim it makes the incident first robot to robot incident on public roads of the Earth.



They say they sent a few robots to arrive by themselves to the arena where CES2019 is taking place and four robots done this task safely but one was hit by the Tesla.



Their cofounder Oleg is saying that they are upset and would try to investigate why robot entered road. “We brought this guy from Philadelphia and now its broken”.

Here is the video to see:




However, despite this all hype of first “Robot to robot” incident and other “we live in future” things, we need to remind you that those “Promobot robots” are looking pretty simple “manequins on wheels” and have been noticed at least three times before in similar viral videos (mainly in Russia), where they got smashed, destroyed or stolen. Probably it’s just a company PR politics.

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