Thirty T-34 Tanks Have Arrived to Russia

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Yes, that’s not a joke, it’s actual news for today. Thirty World War II (produced in 1944) T-34 Soviet tanks arrived to Russia, to Vladivostok. “This city haven’t seen something like this since 1945 when there was an offensive in China”. Where the tanks come from and where do they go?

Here is a video to watch:

Tanks have arrived from Laos or Lao People Democratic Republic. They crossed the ocean, over 4,000 miles on ship. The tanks are fully functioning and have their 85 mm cannons ready to fire. They were part of Laos army for some years, and now Laos sent them to Russia. Now in Vladivostok, Russian Pacific, they put them on the trains and send 9,000 km away to Moscow.

Why they need the tanks? They going to use them during parades – that’s what the news saying.


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  1. If I understood what was being reported, these tanks will be used for parades, and other memorial events for the Great Patriotic War.

    Maybe the Russian Army sent the Laotian Army a bunch of old T-62s, or T-72s in exchange for the T-34-85s.

    Still great.


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