31 Most Unusual Things that Have Putin on Them [31 photos]


Here is a collection of the things with Putin that you can (or could) buy in Russia (or abroad) for the past couple years. Some of them a straight weird like those Putin-Medvedev bikinis. Here are some more:

2. Putin T-shirts


Of course those are sort of pretty logical to sell – and they are selling very well as shop owners say.

We even gathered some links that you can order those if you are a fan, here are couple styles:

Screenshot at Jan 07 15-46-37

This one is $6.99 here

Screenshot at Jan 07 15-47-17

And this one is around $10 here

But if you want something on the weirder side, then here are some really weird Putin t-shirts:

Screenshot at Jan 07 15-47-47

Like this – Putin riding monster Trump horse (what?) the price is $11 here

Or Putin like a semi naked (again) with criminal tattoos (semi-Russian semi American):

Screenshot at Jan 07 15-49-54

Price is $11 also here

Want some more? Ok here is more:


“Ras Putin” t-shirt for $11 here

If you play Counter Strike a lot then this might be an option too:

Screenshot at Jan 07 15-50-22

The price is $12 here


Screenshot at Jan 07 15-50-30

“Make Everything Great Again” t-shirt for $12 here

Ok enough with t-shirts! Let’s see what else you can buy with Putin


Caviar luxury custom made iPhones for price tag over a few times more expensive than original iphone.


Because it’s real gold






And Putin face on it.


Ok, Putin bikinis you can buy in Russia

Putin chocolate:


Costs just $3 in Russia


Here is another version

And another thing especially this season in Japan:



They selling very lot of those this year in Asian country.

In Russia old ladies fond of those calendars as well:


Then Putin cups and mugs:


You can get one for yourself here too

This sausage producer is using Putin portraits in Russia to promote his product:


And by the way, when we reviewed the t-shirts we forgot to mention there are also long sleeves with Putin. There are lot of styles:

people_3_mansmockfull_front_white_500 -.jpg_640x640-6

This one you can get here


Or maybe this one just for $8 here

Or this:


For $9 here

Then in Russia you can buy Putin tea bags!


If someone goes to Russia this is a souvenir you can ask for.


Also Putin t-shirts when sold in stores are sometimes looking creepy.

Then in Russia we got Putin decals to put them on the car like this:


” is in Putin. Who got Putin then he is more powerful”

Want one too? Here the ones you can order online:

Screenshot at Jan 07 16-11-45

“Putin is our president” car decal, costs just $1 here with free shipping

Screenshot at Jan 07 16-12-04

Or maybe this one? Here price $1.99 from Singapore (weird!)

And one more decal:


For just $1 here. It says “I am for Putin”. Yeah we know.

And now in Russia they started selling Putin’s perfume (they say they are not affiliated with actual Vladimir):



Also putin action figures:



You can get one here

One more style:


Then during Christmas season there were Christmas Putin motives offerings on sale:


Then also Putin teapot and Putin salt and pepper shakers:


And even Putin jewellery:


You can get your Putin ring here too for just $3


Then Putin socks

and Putin sleeping sheets:


It saying “From Russia with Love” and “Russians are coming” pun intended?

In Holland they have made some Putin chips:



Putin Matreshkas:

IMG_2137 копия.800x900w

(You can get a t-shirt with Putin/Trump Matreshka here)

Then this is a Putin music speaker (on the left) and Putin manicure polish:


Putin Christmas tree ornaments:


And Putin  notebooks can be bought in Russia:



And last but not least:


Vladimir Putin carpet! Explicitly saying “To be put on wall” – probably sellers afraid you gonna put it on the floor and step on it..

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