9 thoughts on “Russian Winter Fishing Reinvented”

  1. Love it.
    From now on we know Russians are the posh fishermen.
    Definatly changed my attitude to winter fishing.
    happy Christmass to all on this great site.

  2. Is this supposed to be notable? Nice ice fishing houses are common in the USA and Canada. I suppose it’s good they’re finally catching on in Russia too.

    • They might have things called ‘tip ups’ outside. Basically a disk with sitting over an open hole with fishing line attached to a spring. When the fish takes the bait, it pulls on the line which releases spring and the flag pops up. Just keep an eye out the window.

  3. Hey guys you want to have fun ice fishing? How about a rocket from SpaceX to come and land over hole made from engine fire. Then a cable drops down with a small cow for bait, one minute latter a fish the size of a small house grabs on. The rocket fires the engines and goes back to Florida dropping the cooked fish on the beach? Anyone with me? lol

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