People Answering on Just one Question

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He is asking just one question: “Do you want to become happy?”. The result is pretty weird:

(here is video to watch)

Will the people in your town be the same or they will think before answering like this?

9 thoughts on “People Answering on Just one Question”

  1. All these people probably thought he was trying to sell them something. I would have been the same. However, when the politsiya said da, that cracked me up. 😀

  2. Well, I think the situation is sort of implied that the person is offering something, and since he’s a stranger the answer is “No (I don’t want to buy anything)”.

  3. People are very afraid of people in public. Russia loaded with scammers. Last summer my friend hired and paid for a cameraman to video a birthday party. The guy came to the party , took photos and then disappeared. My friend got no photos, no film….nothing. Russia is a jungle.


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