Chinese Tourists Robbed in Russia

Screenshot at Dec 24 13-40-07

Chinese people getting robbed pretty often during tours. The scheme of the crime is simple – a few Russian young men coming to the bus with Chinese tours. Then they wait till the unload and try snitching bag or two.

Here you can see how it’s going:



Guides afraid to intercept just because they can be beaten, and you can’t put  cop to bus just because there lot of buses. Is it possible where you live?

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  1. The same thing the West did in Ukraine they did to my Country several Decades back, Bombed the Presidents Palace and then killed a lot of my People. And of course they got away with it. Now we are losing all our Land and rights to these Anglo A-Holes and we live in Debt.

    Would i help Russia in this fight against Fascism? HELL YES!

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