People Blocking Whole Bridge Just Because they Have a Wedding


Some rich people having wedding (well at least they got nice cars) and for this they blocked a bridge in the center of the city. Krasnoyarsk is pretty big, maybe million of people, so the traffic became bad after bridge was wedding-blocked.

Here is video to watch:

Is that possible abroad?


7 thoughts on “People Blocking Whole Bridge Just Because they Have a Wedding”

  1. …it is probably the same the world over. The bigger the cars the bigger the ego the bigger the sociopathic attitudes… usually those people are only good for them selfes…

  2. well they still did this in Moscow not too long ago and I was amazed because of the population and the bullets will kill anyone they fall on.

    Come to think about it maybe Russia is going through their version of the old west in the US. Those were quite the times and now you can do a modern version.

    • I am really amazed how many people in Russia carry guns. A lot of them are carried in cars. Guns are readily available in Russia if you have connections.

      • Forget the guns I am just glad they have lots of dash cams. The thousands of cameras that picked up the meteorite explosion are priceless.

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