7 thoughts on “AK Fire in Slow Motion”

  1. It is really informative to watch the action of the weapon cycle.

    It vibrates, and cycles slowly because the gas tube/upper fore grip are removed for viewing. If that piece were in place the cycle would be much smoother, and subsequently faster.

    Some will argue that the AK series of weapons have very loose tolerances, and so have reduced accuracy, which is nominally true, but also irrelevant for what this weapons system was designed to do. Those loose tolerances also make the weapon more reliable under combat conditions, where dirt, mud, dust, etc, etc are prevalent.

    Keep in mind that the AK was not designed, or intended to be a hyper accurate sniping weapon, it is the second, of only two true assault rifles in the world. As such, it is very well suited for it’s intended purpose.

    Volume of fire, vs point of target accuracy.

    Great Video!

  2. Everyone knows it doesn’t matter about accuracy as all them Russian Ivans couldn’t hit anything anyways.
    Ask the Afghanis and Chechens.
    Put alot of bullets in a spot and hope the target runs into one.

    • How many years have the yankee been in Afghanistan now? And still Taliban rules, and where the yanks are the poppy farms grow better than never before.

  3. Yes, the MP-43/44, Stg-44 was the first ever “assault rifle”.

    Some have argued for the Federov Model of 1916, but it doesn’t really meet the criteria. I say that because the first weapon specifically called an assault rifle, is the Stg-44. So, since the Germans coined the name, then what they identified as such, is what defines the parameters.
    So, the Stg-44 is an air cooled, gas operated, removable box fed magazine, select fire weapon., firing a rifle caliber projectile, or reduced weight, from a reduced size cartridge case, with a reduced volume of propellant.

    7.92 x 33mm K is such a cartridge, as is the M-43 7.62 x 39mm. Both cartridges are full sized rifle calibre projectiles, fired from a reduced sized cartridge case, with a reduced propellant charge.

    Some have argued that both the U.S. M-80 ball, and the U.S. M-193 ball fits this category.
    Not really. M-80 ball, being 7.62 x 51mm, and M-193 being 5.56 x 45mm fall outside the parameters as defined by the Germans. M-80 is a standard rifle projectile, and M-193 is more of a carbine type projectile, just like .30 carbine (sorry, forget the designation off the top of my head).


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