Hand Made Knitted Slippers Tanks: Order Here if you Want

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Christmas Gift from Russia? Easy! We have partnered with small producer who is making this small gifts, right in Russia and handmade. This is most Russian thing you can order in a while – Russian hand made knitted slippers that are looking like some tanks:


You can really order those. Price is $55.55. They are fully hand made Russian, and is perfect gift to give. Also helps support our site.

How to order? Just send email englishrussia@gmail.com , telling which size you want and the number of the color (1 is khaki green, 2 for the polar white and the 3 is army gray), and we’ll send you payment link.

UPDATE: Only khaki greens are left.

Offer lasts while supplies last.

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  1. Hi ,

    Just a quick follow up on an email I sent yesterday. My name is Cherry from Hong Kong, and I would like to order a pair of Khaki green tank slippers. The size is European 42. Can I know when would they arrive and how do I pay?

    Many thanks,
    +852 9887 0893

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