A Strange Find Out in the Forest



Man was coming thru the forest and then heard some weird sounds.. He has stopped and left the car to go in and see what happened. He was following the sounds and has found some unexpected:




He has found around twenty (!) abandoned little dogs. Those were puppies that were freezing and had zero things to eat.



A young dog (less than one year) was protecting puppies there. All the puppies were too little – just around month or two.




What else he had to do here? Just to grab them all the dogs bring them put in trunk and then go to his house. Roman (guy) says that his house instantly became a “dorm” for the little furry dogs.




Roman having kinder heart, if compared to the person who have brought all puppies here – he just grabbed the dogs from home came to forest and just dumped. So if Roman hasn’t find them there they would probably die there.

And Roman now posting ads on the forums to give dogs. He says that couple dogs were given to the neighbors and his friends. Couple puppies went to city, rest are still living with man.

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