All-female Airliner Crew Doing Flights


First in Russia – female crew! All females are here onboard – pilots, flight attendants, crew. Doing weekly flights to Turkey this is a break thru for us.



Here’s they made a whole¬†group photo – girls that pilots are in center.

However some Russian people are protesting. “We afraid to flight with women!”, people write on social networks. “How about if somebody is going be behaving bad? Those girls won’t be able calm him. We demand at least one man”.

What is your opinion here – is it progress or it’s bad?


14 thoughts on “All-female Airliner Crew Doing Flights”

  1. There’s no reason women can’t do this job as well as men. However, a big burly man just in case may be useful. That said. thee aren’t many guys who can overpower a whole cabin crew and Samaritan passengers.

  2. There’s not much that women cannot (or should not) do these days and it was about time Russia was catching up with the rest of the world. Many airlines have been employing female pilots since years, even in the most unlikely places, like e.g. Brunei. Two years ago these three ladies …

    … took a Dreamliner with over 200 passengers from Brunei to Jeddah in Saudi Arabia, where they weren’t even allowed to drive a car. The story created quite a stir at the time and was a huge embarrassment for Saudi Arabia. Earlier this year the Saudi tyrants finally changed the law, so that Saudi women are now allowed to drive a car unaccompanied (!).

    I also remember reading an article about a woman, who had been flying Air India jets for many years, giving a talk at a primary school somewhere in India. After the talk one little girl got up and said, that she too wanted to become a stewardess. When the woman pointed out that she was actually flying the plane, the girl was at first baffled and asked if this was really possible, but was then quick to change her mind and said that she too wanted to become a pilot. Cute.

    I’m happy for the Russian women who are now piloting airliners and I do hope there will be many more women following their example. The passengers will get used to this and eventually forget their worries. But I’m wondering why Russia seems to be a bit behind the times in such matters? I’m old enough to remember how much emphasis the Soviet Union put on equality between men and women, how pioneering and advanced their policies were in this respect and (predictably) with how much hatred and bile the reactionary ‘western alliance’ demonised, besmirched and ridiculed these efforts.

  3. Ask to the norwegians what happens when you have a female crew

    • A us destroyer once tried to order one of our Canadian ships to give way,they really got into it until the Canadian operator identified himself as the local lighthouse operator.

        • well darn it I thought it was real and really funny. The way the US keeps colliding with huge ass tankers its not hard to imagine something as crazy as the lighthouse script.

  4. As a russian expat pilot living and working in Europe i can say its pretty normal in here, yet i can see and sense from my fellow colleagues working in russia that there is still a very big discrimination against female flight crews without any justification. Sad.


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