Russian Border Guard Patrol ramming Ukrainian ship: UPDATED4! War is Coming?

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This happened just today, a couple of hours ago, in a territorial conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

Here’s a video to watch:


Have you counted the word “blyat”? It’s a pretty common Russian curse word, so please don’t use it.

Also at the Ukraine embassy in Moscow, some people were gathering with old car tires:

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Taking place right now, today. We’ll update you if some else happens on this theme.


The Russian embassy in Kiev is under attack of smoke grenades right now

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Here’s video showing how throwing bombs started:

To be updated, probably tonight..


And just reported: The Ukraine president just said he offered parliament a vote for declaration of the martial law in the country:


It has been overheard today in Kiev that a council member talking on a phone used phrases like “the war is coming, we ask for the support Britain and France” A couple more photos of a stand off today in the Black Sea:

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“NATO is ready to support you, we’ll send you a well known Frigate, but there are couple things we need to fix first” – some jokes from the Russian part of Twitter regarding the stand off in the Black Sea

The place where it all happened:




The video of the car of the ambassador of Russia in the Kiev set on fire.

And one more fire on the Russia property, Ukraine:


A consulate of Russia in Kharkov city in Ukraine


A captured fleet from the Ukraine is parked in a Russian port


A ship been placed to block the Kerchen straight



Those are the boats our country captured. Three boats belonging to Ukraine:


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The Ukraine President just signed a Martial Law edict because of the incident with boats in Black Sea.

The Russian embassy in the Ukraine town of Kharkov now


52 thoughts on “Russian Border Guard Patrol ramming Ukrainian ship: UPDATED4! War is Coming?”

  1. Russian military attacking two tiny war ship and a tug (that is not even a warship)! Then sending thugs to protest at Ukrainian embassy (have you not got the whole thing little backwards?). How would you like if they sent a missile to take down the new bridge to Crimea in response?

  2. One more things, most civilized countries have respect for foreign embassies. That is a sovereign foreign land. Where is the Russian police? Russia obviously does not respect laws and treaties. That is why civilized countries have imposed sanctions on Russia, because of its behavior.

    • This is indeed what happens when Russia does not, as always, respect the treaties it has signed. What Russia does not understand anymore in “free passage for Ukrainian ships” ?

      I hope more sanctions are coming soon, to end that bad behaviour. Also, stop waiting for Putin in meetings. If he is more than 5 minutes late, the meeting is cancelled !

    • U are missing one fact, it was the embassy of Russia is Ukraine that got attacked first. The embassy of Ukraine in Russia is not even under attack, though ppl are gathering. And another thing :tiny ship or not, it is not supposed to violate the territory of another country. When a couple of years ago Russian plane got shot down by Turkey for possible violation of the boarder were you objecting as much as you are objecting now?

      • Ukraine said it notified Russia before ships made the passage. FSB said that they did not, provoked Russia (yeah, sure), and Russia BLOCKED the passage under the bridge by parking a huge tanker beneath it before ships even arrived. Whose version do you believe? Tiny Ukraine navy intentionally provoked giant Russia, or FSB version of “what happened”, something we have heard every time Russia does something outrageous,like uses Polonium straight out of Russian nuclear reactor into opponents tea. Or Ukraine jet shoots down civilian plane over its territory with a surface to air missile.

      • You are missing one fact, Marry : the embassy of Russia is “under attack” because Russian Navy attacked Ukrainian peaceful ships. After Russia attacked Ukraine first in Crimea, then in Donbas.

        Ukrainian ships do not violate anything : they just follow the treaty signed between Russia and Ukraine, stipulating that ships from both Russia and Ukraine can freely use the Kerch Strait. Russia does violate its own word !

        Even better : the Ukrainian ships were rammed in international seas. Not in Crimea/Ukrainian seas…

        That’s even worse from Russia !

        • As far as I am aware the crimes has never been under attack. Elections were hold, in the result of which ppl voted to leave Ukraine and to become part of Russia. Seems a bit different from attacking. And when it comes to Don as.. Don’t u mix something up? Donbas hasn’t been attacked by Russia, they were getting support from Russia to get independence from Ukraine. It was actually ur Ukrainian own government that attacked Donbas and didn’t care a single bit about civil ppl there.

          • These “elections” were not recognized by rest of the world, under Russian gun, minorities in Crimea threatened.

            Reminds me of elections under socialism. Those who dared to oppose were punished. Everybody had to vote party line or else!

        • And could you remind me which treaty you are talking about?aa far as i know those waters do belong to Russia, that’s why they could build the bridge over it and that’s why they have the right to search/control the ships in this territory,not just Ukrainian, but international shops as well.

  3. Your captions about the embassy are incorrect. Pictures of tires and people throwing things are of Russian embassy in Kiev. Same comment about civilized behavior applies. Ukraine police should intervene.

    • The tires were to help Soviet… I mean Russian ambassador, to leave since he has old Soviet car with original tires.

      They are being kind, comrade.

  4. It’s interesting that no martial law was imposed at the peak of Ukrainian civil war, when thousands died, but now with this 3 boat incident – it’s time.
    By pure coincidence the ukrainian president has an official rating of about 8% (in reality probably a lot less), his opponent Timoshenko – about 18%, and elections are so close. Who will benefit from martial law (and especially its paragraph #9 about the control over information and media) in such situation??

      • Again you write about something you don’t know : elections will NOT be postponed. And the martial law is limited to the regions bordering Russia. That will be an easy (and good) way to arrest any traitors…

        • Limited martial law – wow, that changes everything) Just be careful and don’t get arrested yourself, Indy. History tells us, that a lot of shit happens during such hard times.

  5. Mr. Putin is testing West, looking for weakness. Hopefully reply will be more highly effective weapons provided to Ukraine and lot more sanctions on Russia. After all Russians love those sanctions, they even said so. Ban Russians from travel to civilized countries, ban Russian civilian planes, cut their access to Internet, penalize firms that still deal with Russia such as Siemens. Primitive and aggressive behavior must be punished.

  6. Russian tankers lost on vacation in a neighboring country will especially appreciate additional Javelin missiles and other precision weapons delivered to Ukraine.

  7. What the fuck is wrong with the Russian politics? Why can’t they just live in peace. Putin’s popularity is decreasing and he needs another? Who’s suffering? Ordinary people. Mothers will get their boys back in bodybags. For what? Heil the greedy tyrants.

  8. Trump should snub (ignore, as in not meet him) at the upcoming Group of 20 gathering in Buenos Aires. Perhaps the little neo Hitler would get the message.

  9. Educated and intelligent Russians must be ashamed of what their country has become – a nation of thiefs and aggressors. First they stole practically all Ukrainian naval ships, now after months of open harassment of Ukrainian navy and fishing vessels, outright aggression, putting up captured sailors in a buzzard 19th or 20th century televised “confessions” that the entire world see what it is. Are most Russians so idiotic they do no see what is happening? “Confessions” under threat or actual torture, watch eyes of sailors as they are reading prepared “confessions” from the teleprompter. Unbelievably primitive. First Russians massively cheat with doping in their Olympics, then they kill their opponents with bizzare poisonings, now this. What happened to country that had rich history of art, culture, etc? It has become a laughing stock of rest of the world. People are disgusted with Russia!

  10. Trump just announced he will not meet with Putin in Buenos Aires. Russians are pretending that things will go forward as scheduled. Mega sanctions to follow!


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