Guests at Russian Oil Drill Station


Man that live on oil drill station posts the “guests” he sees at place. Starting with a bear Anton who is frequent at the station. Here some more of polar guests:



Bear comes often, even knows where the foods are being stored.



This is fridge and he aware, but he never was inside.



And another guest is here. This one they feed sometimes.



He once stole a hat of worker almost got away with it.





He is sometimes posing to make better shots of him.154294830116787489

And the most often guests are deers (you can see them on the right)


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Foxes sometimes come with cubs.1542948435195538124


It is dangerous to feed them (even more if you don’t look)





Sometimes other wild guests come.1542951427175843656-2 1542951427175843656 1542951979174616058


Local men arriving too, asking to provide supplies, selling meats and just to talk.

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