Chinese Tourist Smuggles Gold: Put the Gold Inside Smartphone




Chinese tourist apprehended in Khabarovsk airport. When he passed the customs post he said phone is not working. Officers didn’t believe, put the phone into x-ray. This is what they saw inside:


There were lot of golden nugs – over two hundred grams.



Customs said it’s worth a lot, and will be now seized from him.



10 thoughts on “Chinese Tourist Smuggles Gold: Put the Gold Inside Smartphone”

  1. Around 5000 Dollar, so you are not allowed to carry that. If someone think it should be that way, he should consider his freedom, and how things have been some decades ago.

  2. Not sure why try to smugggle 200gm of gold. A lot of people have more than that amount as jewelry and/or watch band on them and never a problem. There got to be more to this story but, the tourist should have had the gold melted and made in to a simple bracelet and could easily pass through the security. A nice belt buckle would have worked too.

  3. This is nonsense, that much gold is not a great amount, easily moved from anywhere to anywhere. It iss nuggets which might have a slight premium value over jewellery or scrap value but not so much that they need to be smuggled

  4. Darren, your assessment regarding value of gold, nugget vs jewelry, is confusing when it comes to trade. Gold price is based on purity and weight regardless of what form it is in unless it is a coin with historic value, graded and/or degree of rarity. Sure, when selling a piece of gold jewelry, the workmanship will not enter the value but the price of a recent Krugerrand is also just based on the content and weight. Feel free to correct me if needed.

  5. So fucking what? It’s his gold. It doesn’t matter how he acquired it, all that matters now is that it belongs to him.

    And it’s being confiscated why?

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