An Experimental Soviet Swamp 8×8 Truck GAZ-62B the Grandfather of BTR


This 8×8 was an experimental Soviet vehicle became a predecessor of a famous Soviet army 8×8 BTR vehicle. However in the beginning it was just a peaceful purpose vehicle but proved itself so good in cross terrain conditions they decided to build a BTR on it:



They took a regular GAZ-62 civil truck and decided to come up with a 8×8 system on it.



In 1951 there were first tests conducted in the conditions of swamps. It proved to perform very well – as you can see on the photo above taken during one of such tests it virtually needed no road to go.




Then they conducted the tests at various other types of Russian terrain conditions – including snow, mud, forests and swamps again. It was called a “swamp truck” for its extraordinary capability of traveling thru these types of terrains.10835178_800 10834697_800


Later in 1957 they built a swimming amphibious version of the truck – and you see now it looks almost like the future BTR army vehicle. That’s how it was conceived.


And this is BTR-3 newest Russian army vehicle that in use today. And now you can clearly say where from it got its forms.

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