An Airplane Stuck in the Midst Air in Moscow [video]


Today in Moscow a passenger airplane has stuck in the midst air while descending for landing. Official response for this was “it was a strong oncoming wind so this made this effect”, but see the video and judge by yourself:

The people didn’t actually believe this explanation, some started saying that it’s another argument in favor that we live in a simulated word, that the Matrix is crumbling, others say that this is definitely very weird.

What’s your thoughts on this?

9 thoughts on “An Airplane Stuck in the Midst Air in Moscow [video]”

  1. Yes, optical illusion. Plane is only going about 200 mph to land. Car is going in opposite direction which makes it appears even slower.

  2. This illusion happens in your brain and eye. The brain coordinates the scene and creates the illusion which is a type of optical slow motion.

  3. I guessed wrong dammit, lol for sure I thought it was some kind of crazy Russian wind thing. I just lost fifty points from my overall score.

  4. Cargo planes have wings designed to fly at low speeds. Pilots occasionally practice doing that. It causes a lot of disbelief to see a plane flying at zero ground speed, but it is done all the time.

  5. I am an airline pilot. We have a pause button in the cockpit when we need a comfort break, or want to go and get a coffee. During cruise we do not use it very often, but close to the ground, when it would be dangerous to keep flying without anyone in the cockpit, is when it is used most often. You have probably noticed this on flights that you have made as a passenger.

    • You always have a copilot in the cabin when you take a break?
      I have flown a few times but have never seen the cabin crew during flights.
      Can you please give us your best guess on the latest crash. My guess is moisture in the AOA or maybe some kind of insects in the pitot tubes.

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