A Story of a Bear That Lives at the Airfield and Fond of Sucking Human Hands



web-26This is Oreshkovo airfield. Just a regular not very big airfield in Russia and maybe even not worth mentioning except one fact – there is a huge full grown bear is living on this airfield as a pet and is being loved by the airport staff and even the visitors. Here are some photos of him.



At first couple of photos of the airport – just a normal airfieldweb-3


With fuel trucks, older equipment staying under open air




Military machine guns and



Guard dogs



But in addition to all this there is a Bear. His name is Mansur.




This is his favorite human, he is fond of licking his face. web-8 web-9


Give me a kiss please.



Andrei is a regular worker of the airfield, and in the rest time he is also a chief responsible for the bear.web-11 web-12


They are doing very well togetherweb-13


The bear is very friendly and his favorite thing to do is..web-14


To suck on someones hand!web-15


Because bears don’t see very well at a distance – every new noise makes Mansur drop everything he was doing and stand on his two legs to see what’s happening out thereweb-16 web-17 web-18

And if everything is fine he is getting back to his favorite thing – sucking on human hand.



He really does it all the time and he totally hates when the hand in a glove, he wants a raw naked hand to suck on says Andrei




This is Katya – she got distracted for a moment and same instant got down on the ground by the bear – he likes to play a lot and this is his favorite way of play.web-21


And life on the airfield is just going on by its own.web-22


The bear continues to suck on Andrei’s handweb-23 web-24 web-25

“When it will get a bit warmer we need to wash Mansur, give him a good bath” says Andrei.


web-26 web-27 web-28 web-29


You see he is always sucking on the hand.web-30 web-31


And this is his container – where he spends time at night. Though they could use him as a guard dog bear, but they don’t for some reason.web-32


Some more photos from the airfield roundabouts web-33 web-34 web-35


And a final photo of Andrei and the bear.

And here is a short video of them playing together:


Thanks a lot to igor113.

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