Attention: English Russia Facebook Page has Been Stolen!

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Attention English Russia readers! Our page with over 170,000 followers on Facebook has been stolen by a not yet identified hacker and was probably sold to another party, who started posting spam articles on our page. We have informed him that he is now committing a Federal crime now by buying and using a stolen property and we will be willing to prosecute by informing various governmental agencies in US and abroad.


Meanwhile this situation lasts we kindly ask you to subscribe to a interim page here:

The legal process would probably have some costs involved if you are interesting in donating please send PayPal to thanks.

We will update you on the situation.

24 thoughts on “Attention: English Russia Facebook Page has Been Stolen!”

      • Matt….May I explain to you. The corruption in the USA is TOP SECRET. Its all hidden from the population. Few people are aware how deep and widespread it is. Maybe 1 % or less have any idea of it.
        Ever heard of Operation Mockingbird? It completely controls the media. The USA is a soft police state…..very similar to Germany in the 1930s. I could go on and on. There are many books about this.

        • Well I haven’t heard of it, and to be honest your post does have more than a slight sulpherous whiff of kooky conspiracy theory about it, but your posts are generally level-headed and interesting….so hit me with it. How is it one of the most corrupt countries in the world? I dunno, you might be right, who knows.

          • Matt, the US creates hegemony through it’s dominance with the US dollar and control of the mainstream media through big business. Why weren’t bankers prosecuted for fraud when the last financial happened? Because lots of rich people are in on that game and they are untouchable.

      • Believe me, the US is loaded with many millions of morons. Probably one of the most dumbed down places on the planet. They are proud of their ignorance.

  1. Facebook is totally alien to me. It’s such a rot that it has never even occurred to me to sign up and become a “member”. Of course, this also means that many potentially interesting FB pages remain inaccessible, as the system has been deliberately crippled for non-members who just want to read or view some pages. The bastards want to get you hooked and unfortunately too many people lack the insight or the discipline to resist this sort of sh*t.

    Another issue I have noticed in recent years is that many politically critical blogs that have been dormant for a while appear to have been taken over by some casino or porn business. But on closer inspection it turns out that the whole thing is just one flashy looking frontpage with nothing behind it and linking nowhere. The only point of these takeovers seems to be the removal of content as the new “owners” also no longer allow access to the site’s history on the wayback machine. In this way huge archives of articles, texts and documents on culture, history, politics etc. have been wiped off the Internet. Now, who might be behind such a scheme? Hmm…


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