New Shocking 5 Min Video of a Kerch College Shooter Roaming thru the School Building


AA384C84-10CD-4827-B646-9ADEC2F37C27New shocking footage of a killer ramping thru the Kerch collage a few days ago. Full video:


Russian TV channel who uploaded this video deleted it shortly afterwards.
Frankly it raises even more questions than it answers about what really happened there.

9 thoughts on “New Shocking 5 Min Video of a Kerch College Shooter Roaming thru the School Building”

  1. What was his motive? Why did he shoot the two computer screens? Maybe these questions will never be answered. Mental illness often has no answer.

    • I the video around that moment they say something a long the lines – “look how he cold blooded shoots at people, things. He destroys the computers”.
      While to me it looks like in that moment he is frustrated about something. I think in his mind he had bigger plans, but something was not as he expected.

  2. The more attention and interest is lavished on these killers, the more of them we’ll get, the media idolatry inspiring more disenfranchised young people desperately hoping to be relevant.

    • In the video they raise questions about the second boy/man that for some time walks a long with him. They think that at one point this person appears to be watching/guarding (helping) the attacker. But then again they say that this might be just a coincidence.
      Also I think many raise questions “why, what is going on in this persons mind” when they see the pointless destruction of fire extinguisher and computers.

  3. He’s was obviously suicidal. Suicidal people are in psychic pain and often want to cause pain to other people. He did and took 19 people with him.


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