UPDATED: An Explosion and Fire at AVANGARD Factory near St.Petersburg

2018-10-19 15.11.23

People report that a huge explosion and now a fire is in Gatchina near St.Petersburg. Most likely it’s happening at AVANGARD factory.

Here is the video:



2018-10-19 15.11.49


The aftermath of the explosion

2018-10-19 15.11.54 2018-10-19 15.11.59


People say that five people have reportedly been injured by the explosion.

2018-10-19 15.12.04 2018-10-19 15.12.08 2018-10-19 15.12.12 2018-10-19 15.12.15


It’s happening now, more information will follow.

For know it’s clear that this factory is one of the largest fireworks producers in Russia.



Three people confirmed dead. The explosion was in one of the workshops of the AVANGARD factory.

Here you see people being evacuated. More people are under the debris


Another video from the explosion site:


The place looks like a battle field:

2018-10-19 15.52.18

10 thoughts on “UPDATED: An Explosion and Fire at AVANGARD Factory near St.Petersburg”

  1. It’s criminal stupidity (or corruption) that allows dangerous factories or storage facilities in such close proximity to residential housing. One would think that urban and areal development plans take care of such issues but apparently they don’t …


    • Dearest Russia is far more concerned with collecting overdue water bills than something as trivial as human life & safety. Remember that post?

      • … I must have missed it, but I just looked it up. Scandalous! Of course, such practices are totally unacceptable and I can’t imagine they’re legal in Russia or in any other civilized country. However, to me the phrase “utility company” was a dead giveaway. This is what one gets when the supplies of the most essential human needs are privatized at garage sale prices and then run by some greedy bastards, with little or no oversight from the public authorities. In this respect Russia is no different from Britain, France, the U.S. and much of the rest of the world … neoliberalism ruins the lives of millions. In my opinion key industries like water, food, energy, transport, mail, communications as well as education, health and pensions should all be in public ownership and banking should not be the parasitic “business” it is today but a public service.

        A couple of days ago the Guardian had an interesting comment about the impact neoliberalism has had on the British economy …


        > Dearest Russia is far more concerned with …

        I think you are too eager to find fault with Russia and too tolerant with your own country. A short while ago you wrote here that you’re a downwinder from the Nevada test sites living in a cancer cluster. How’s that for a government that doesn’t give a damn about its people?

        • Hey gravy….let me say this. The US has many many faults. Too many to name here. I find fault where there is fault. Yes, I do find fault with Russian culture but I try to do it in a reasonable manner.

          I totally agree with you. The US is horribly at fault concerning Nuclear testing…its a nightmare. By merely mentioning the cancer, I thought I was finding fault. Maybe I should have been more angry….eh.? How can cancer be a good thing.

        • I am not eager to find fault with Russia. To me Russia is a great country with lots and lots of history. All of that factors into what it is. I would not be here if I did not like Russia. I even adopted a Russian child. Its put a bit of a strain on my financial situation but that’s life. I deal with it.

  2. If this is truly a fireworks factory it seems too close to housing. Its better to be isolated on a large piece of empty land, far from any houses. Was it operating legally?


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