They Brought A Few Trucks of Dirt to Kazan Downtown for a Movie


In Kazan downtown they filmed a movie, or exactly to say a TV show. And this movie is set in the past, during the revolution times, and according to a directors vision they didn’t have roads at that time in the city. So..



So they brought a few truckloads full of dirt and just dumped it in the middle of the city to imitate dirt roads.kfu_03

So that it would look like 1917.


kfu_04 kfu_05 kfu_06 kfu_07 kfu_08 kfu_09


They promise they will clean it up soon after the movie shooting ends.

6 thoughts on “They Brought A Few Trucks of Dirt to Kazan Downtown for a Movie”

  1. Not correct. This is a false statement. The center of Kazan had paved streets in the nineteenth century. It’s just the idea of the illiterate director about how it was. More details here (in Russian):

  2. The truck (GAZ-AA/Ford Model AA) was produced from 1932-1950, the regular Model A was produced untill 1936. (As Ford from 1927-1932, the 1927-1929 models looks a bit different)

    More likely a WWII-scenario


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