A One Ton WW2 Air Bomb Has Been Detonated near Novgorod



In a forest near Novgorod, just 25 meters away from an active railway road a World War 2 air bomb was discovered. The weight of the bomb was almost one ton. People called the authorities.




And emergency service arrived and decided to detonate it and destroy it for safety.



They took it deeper into the forest and detonated it. A video of the explosion is above.

6 thoughts on “A One Ton WW2 Air Bomb Has Been Detonated near Novgorod”

  1. That blue suit wouldn’t help at all if that bomb were to have exploded. I can see they knew that by the look on the technician’s face in the second photo.

  2. That appears to be a German Type 1-SC 250 (250 kg) bomb. This is the L2 or “Stabo” type (Stachelbombe – Spike Bomb) the long nose spike was to insure explosion above the ground instead of penetrating like common types. This was probably for anti-personnel use rather like an air burst artillery shell. In 2017 an SC250 was found in Minsk and another in Ternopil, Ukraine. 100 years from now, they will still be digging up and defusing WW II bombs.

  3. I remember back in the 60’s & 70’s photos all over Europe of farmers digging up old WW2 bombs. It was so common, they would stack them along the edge of the road and someone would come along and pick them up. Even today, they will find one or two here & there. Just think of how unstable they are after 70+ years in the ground.

  4. The old bombs are a small annoyance compared to nuclear fallout. I live downwind from a nuclear bomb test range….hundreds were tested there. All of my neighbors and including me have had cancer….several have died. The entire planet is polluted beyond belief. I would call earth a ”dead zone”.


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