Couple Photos from Afghanistan in 1980s


“My grandad asked me to scan some of his photo slides so they not get lost with time, among them there were some photos from Afghanistan (during USSR entered Afganistan in 1979 probably). So I publish those photos” – writes a man on Russian popular website. And we re-post them here too for your viewing pleasure.



You can click on photos to see full-size.


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  1. Two Days after 9/11 Seumas Milne wrote an interesting article in The Guardian:

    They can’t see why they are hated – Americans cannot ignore what their government does abroad

    Here’s a short excerpt …

    It is this record of unabashed national egotism and arrogance that drives anti-Americanism among swaths of the world’s population, for whom there is little democracy in the current distribution of global wealth and power. If it turns out that Tuesday’s attacks were the work of Osama bin Laden’s supporters, the sense that the Americans are once again reaping a dragons’ teeth harvest they themselves sowed will be overwhelming.

    It was the Americans, after all, who poured resources into the 1980s war against the Soviet-backed regime in Kabul, at a time when girls could go to school and women to work. Bin Laden and his mojahedin were armed and trained by the CIA and MI6, as Afghanistan was turned into a wasteland and its communist leader Najibullah left hanging from a Kabul lamp post with his genitals stuffed in his mouth.

    But by then Bin Laden had turned against his American sponsors, while US-sponsored Pakistani intelligence had spawned the grotesque Taliban now protecting him. To punish its wayward Afghan offspring, the US subsequently forced through a sanctions regime which has helped push 4 million to the brink of starvation, according to the latest UN figures, while Afghan refugees fan out across the world.


    What else is there to say? American/British warmongers are the last people on the planet to learn from their own mistakes. Nothing will change as long as western populations continue to tolerate dangerous criminals in their country’s governments and their associated 3-letter agencies.

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