Puma Wandering Around Russian Village Attack Dogs and People



People of a village near Moscow have encountered a mountain lion or puma wandering around the nearby forest and village outskirts. At first it attacked a man, then a dog, then it roamed around. Here are three videos:

First video – man runs away from a puma.

Puma on the road.

Puma tries to kill a dog (video removed due to requests).


At last the animal was caught, however it’s still not clear where it came from, no zoos reported a missing animal.





8 thoughts on “Puma Wandering Around Russian Village Attack Dogs and People”

    • … yes, this must be so. Puma/Cougar/Mountain-Lion and Jaguar are New World cats which do not naturally occur in Eurasia. This Puma certainly didn’t belong where it was found. I wonder what sort of people illegally import such animals and then dump them in the wild? Idiots!

      As everywhere else in the world, the largest free roaming cat population in Russia are feral domestic cats which cause great harm to birds, lizards, amphibians and of course small rodents like mice, squirrels etc. But there are also naturally occurring wildcats, lynx and even a few carefully monitored, counted and guarded leopards and tigers. Let’s hope they’re given a chance to survive the ever closer encroaching human “civilization”.


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