Three Million South Africans Boers Want to Move to South of Russia


A group of boers(South African white farmers of mainly Netherlands descent) arrived this summer to Kuban region of Russia – Krasnodar city – the third most populous region of Russia after Moscow and St.Petersburg and the first in farming gross product.


The boers explore the possibility of moving as much as three million people to Russia after the new laws were adopted in South Africa allowing to nationalize and confiscate lands from South African white farmers.

However, in Russia there is still no possibility for them to receive the land in property. As per local laws they only would be able to rent the land for 99 years.

Each boers family is planning to bring up to $500,000 cash with them when they move to Russia, which can be a good investment into a local Russian economy local authorities think.


On the photo: South African guests visiting the village of Donskoe. Founded in 1777 by Cossack settlers, this place and the neighboring communities could become new home for South African farmers. Posing with Vladimir Poluboyarenko, Russian ombudsman for Stavropol.

Russian ombudsman in Stavropol region Vladimir Poluboyarenko says that “boers contacted us after they learned that German families moved to South of Russia last year. They are sort of in danger there in South Africa, many already left to different countries. But a lot of boers want to come to us, to Russia, they probably believe in Christian morals. Why South of Russia – probably because they genetically got used to hot weather. And the best thing they don’t ask anything from the state! More than that every family will bring up to $500,000 with them. All they want is the residence permit and possibility later to receive a citizenship and also a right to rent land for long time with a right to buy it out later. Thirty families are already ready to come to Kuban or Stavropol, Russia anytime now”

In fact, South Africa is a developed country on the African continent, with industrial economy such as mining, machinery building and even nuclear power. The wonderfully diverse economics is not limited to the industries though. Lately the Internet section is booming. Online Shopping grows tremendously in the country lately, as well the recent booming industry of Online Betting on sports. People enjoy of making things from the comfort of their homes more and more, rather than visit a business. Guess, that’s a situation same all over the world now more or less.

However there have been tensions lately between different social groups of population and crime rates are hiking in some parts of the country, which also might contribute to the late boom of Internet section in South Africa. And which also make some people, like this group of Boers to immigrate and find a home away from home, even as far away as in Russia.

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  1. I say let them come, their own ancestral countries have rejected them in favor of the rapefugees. The Boer can boost population in Russia and help the agricultural development.

  2. Settlers only being able to ”rent” the land in Russia for 99 years is a big problem. Are there any plans to change the local laws? It seems like everywhere the Boers settle they get a raw deal.

  3. Let em! Boost the agriculture of the area, and hasten the fall of south Africa. It will become a wasteland, by the time they kick out everyone that isn’t black.

  4. I wish Australia would take some. They would be an asset to any country. The Boers were a very formidable enemy in the war. Three million is about a sixth of our population however. Poor old South Africans are going to become very hungry soon.

    • Exactly…..They are giving these successful farms to people who know nothing about farming. Farming is not easy….you have to know what you are doing and exactly when to do it. The knowledge is handed down from one generation to the next.

      • Funny how that goes I was watching news a year ago when they asked farmers to come back to africa. They could not run the land the same way and no one was happy. Now This news about kicking out three million farmers?

    • Yeah there was something in the news about it a while ago but of course the usual howlers pulled the racist card. They’d be a massive gain for any country. SA is taking the Zimbabwe route, we can all see how this’ll turn out. Hopefully they’ll get a good welcome in Russia.

  5. And someone else has mentioned, South Africa is going the way of Zimbabwe. The whites in South Africa, the farmers, would boost production and prosperity in any Nation.

  6. This is apalling. Lets’ speak the truth: these productive people are fleeing their country for racist reasons. South Africa will be the next Zimbabwe

    • Come to Canada, we need hard working people for the fields and our greenhouses. The climate is getting warmer and us Canadians dont like the hot weather. We need the cold to keep cool otherwise we burn out to fast.
      We just had a company with a huge greenhouse full of MJ ready for harvest. They hired thirty people and two weeks later they only had five left. They had to destroy a million dollar harvest because of time constraints. They need 200 workers and there is no one to do the hot house work.

  7. We could use three or four million in the USA too. The Boers are experienced dry land farmers, and we have a lot of land meeting that description.

  8. Russia please help our European brethren from Southern Africa. Anglo Africans should head to New Zealand, Canada and Australia. There won’t be much of a culture clash in the down under nations.

    Afrikaner/Boers would do well in Russia but I do hope the come to the Orthodox Church as this would assure their integration into the Russian Empire. If Russia would eventually section off an area where a Boer Republic (within the Russian Federation of course) so they could preserve their culture/language while blending in with Russian customs/language and culture.

    Boers would be good soldiers as draftees to defend against all enemies (language skills & toughness).

  9. Turks like Ali Riza Sigirci have no place amongst Europeans. Middle Eastern Arab descendants opinions and views are null and void amongst Christendom’s children. We will protect our brethren from the underbeasts be they bantu, asiatic or muhammadans like you.

    Deus Vult.


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