Paying Visit to an Abandoned Pioneers Camp

Paying Visit to an Abandoned Pioneers Camp

Emir and Antrei are two photographers from Yekaterinburg who like to explore abandoned places. This time it was an abandoned pioneers camp near Yekaterinburg city. The name of the place was “Cosmos” during the USSR era. It was built in the 1960s and after the USSR collapsed it stopped functioning, however it’s still in pretty good shape inside.

Paying Visit to an Abandoned Pioneers Camp

“This is is a good island of a Soviet childhood”, says Antrei. “Some buildings have already been destroyed but there are some houses that were locked and you still can see the soviet interiors inside through the windows”

Paying Visit to an Abandoned Pioneers Camp

In a principal’s office there are papers dating back to 1988. However some roofs are already covered with moss and in bad condition.

Paying Visit to an Abandoned Pioneers Camp

Paint is also in bad shape but the Soviet signs are reading pretty well.

Paying Visit to an Abandoned Pioneers Camp

These were the administration offices.

Paying Visit to an Abandoned Pioneers Camp

Paying Visit to an Abandoned Pioneers Camp

Lots of Soviet propaganda literature. They may be worth something already as a relic, especially abroad.

Paying Visit to an Abandoned Pioneers Camp

Paying Visit to an Abandoned Pioneers Camp

They might want to put it on eBay.

Paying Visit to an Abandoned Pioneers Camp

Paying Visit to an Abandoned Pioneers Camp

Paying Visit to an Abandoned Pioneers Camp

“The Screen of Cleanniness”

Paying Visit to an Abandoned Pioneers Camp

Paying Visit to an Abandoned Pioneers Camp

Paying Visit to an Abandoned Pioneers Camp

Paying Visit to an Abandoned Pioneers Camp

Paying Visit to an Abandoned Pioneers Camp

Paying Visit to an Abandoned Pioneers Camp

Paying Visit to an Abandoned Pioneers Camp

Paying Visit to an Abandoned Pioneers Camp

Paying Visit to an Abandoned Pioneers Camp

Antrei says there is one downside in visiting places like this and this particular one – there are myriads of stray dogs walking around this place. So if you plan something like this be aware.

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  1. ..sad to see that an entire view of how the world could be has been wiped out so quickly and remorseless… one should not forget that the people who believe in socialism and solidarity and leftist concepts are not wiped out. They are still here among us the world over… their might has gone for now. Today people are made to believe in an investors view of the world from early childhood.

    • ….Communism is great if you like to live in a society where you are a number/worker. The elite of communism are murderous criminals who kill to get power. All opposition to their power is crushed. The elite of communism live in total luxury. They have access to the best of everything.

      The Masses wait in long lines and live with constant shortages. Women get tired of not having simple things like lipstick and makeup.

      Today’s billionaire Oligarchs are similar to the Soviets…..that includes Putin and his cronies.

      • …”murderous criminals who kill to get power…”.- I’m sure JFK and his also slained brother know something about it, wherever they are now. And the killers, too.

        …”The elite of communism live in total …”. -Not in Russia. Communism has been gone from power for more than 25 years. You didn’t know?

        …”Masses wait in long lines and live with constant shortages…”.– Really? I haven’t seen that in Beijing or Shanghai. Perhaps because Red China wasn’t blockaded by the US. Quite the opposite.

        ….” Women get tired of not having simple things like lipstick…”.-Those are news for countless millions of Chinese women. You should go there and warn them. Hurry!

        …”Today’s billionaire Oligarchs are similar to the Soviets…”.- True. The biggest and most dangeorous Oligarchy on the planet, lives and thrives in the US. Merican’ts call it “Deep State”, but they always invent funny names for the same things.

        Funny people.

        • It’s fun to see how some US kids still confuse socialism with communism. Especially with the nonexistent Soviet brand today.

          They love to be afraid of “something”. –LOL.

        • The people of commie Cuba do not wait in long lines for new cars. Why? Very simple answer. The Japanese and others would love to export cars to Cuba but there’s a huge problem. There is no money to buy or support cars in Cuba. Castro, who hated human beings, destroyed the economy of Cuba. His alcoholic brother carries on the war against the poor of Cuba….the people that commie Fidel Castro hated.

          • @”Douglas”
            …”The Japanese and others would love to export cars to Cuba but…”.- But the US imposed an international Economic Embargo against Cuba, so any country simply CAN’T sell those cars, or much else. Of course, the US Embargo also means Cuba can’t sell anything to almost anybody, so that alone can explain an economic disaster (and lack of money) in whatever small country you want.

            …”hated human beings, destroyed the economy of Cuba…”.- According to most in the EU, the UN and even the Pope, that’s exactly what the Merican’t Embargo has done (the most enduring in modern history).

            Cuban folks are exactly the least of the concerns of this imposed Merican’t policy.

            –Ah, the hypocrisy…

            • The Embargo on Cuba? It’s a nice subject. George Schultz in 2005 called it “insane”, the European Council and Canada condemned its imposed sanctions on them if they do business with Cuba, and the UN Assembly condemns the Embargo every year since 1992…

              —“It’s a stupid policy. There’s no reason why we can’t be friends with the Cubans, and vice versa… We seem to think it’s safe to open the door to a billion communists in China but for some reason, we’re scared to death of the Cubans”.–George McGovern, 2005. AP.

      • The elite of communism live better then workers, but not in total luxury. In the US is now the same oligarchy. The Bush clan, the Clintons clan in politics with millions of grants from the military and oil companies, Bezos with his Amazon bloated capitalization of a trillion dollars and their employees receiving a salary grabbing for food and basic needs (More than 42.2 million Americans participated in the food stamp program in 2017)

      • @Douglas, while some of your insights into the Russia of today are correct the one with bad communists versus good capitalists is blatantly based on your ignorance of what the elites the world over are. They are all systems of obtaining power, to fulfill the greed of the few over the neeeds of the many.

        Capitalism is great if you are a number worker while the elites are outright criminals responsible for death, environmental destruction, plundering, theft and endless greed. The US has since its existence fought wars and attacked other countries every year since the 17 century.

        Cubans have no autos because this country an its people are not allowed to export anything and imports are hindered as well. No country can sustain this… if you check how many raw materials the US steals from other countries… etc. pp.

        • @ Benjamin…..The cars that are imported by the Government are destined to state entities first. The cars available to the population, either by the Government or a dealership, are priced so high that they are only really available to the truly wealthy.of Cuba. Plus there is no money in Cuba for the infrastructure that is required to service cars in great numbers. Cuba does import some Chinese, Japanese, Italian and German cars, in addition to Russian and French cars that never really left. Peugeot, Fiat, BMW, Audi, Toyota, Hyundai, BYD and others are a regular sight on the streets among the American classics and Russian oldies. The deliberate government caused poverty of Cuba prevents a robust car culture..

          • @Douglas, …just one example of what the US is doing. Cuba has large reservers of zinc which has been exporter to other countries, some Europenn with large car manufacturers. The zinc was used to make cars corrosion resistant. Again the US put into force export sanktions for zinc or the car manufacturers would simply lose the US market for selling their cars… so zinc export for Cuba ceased completely. Cubas doing???
            another example is sugar of which there was a lot to buy in my countrie. On many sugar packs their was Cuba as the origin of the sugar. Again under the forde if the US government also this export was stopped, again under extortion to bring other countries exports to the US to a halt. Cubas doing???
            Annother one is money transfers which are next to impossible because those institutions (banks) that would execute such money transfers to Cuba would again face sanctions. Cubas responsibility ???
            I can tell you that very similar things are being done to Russia as well.. the US sanctions and the Europeans pay the price for it. No wonder your Country is being hated and feared the world over…

            • Benjamin…..Castro seized all of the American owned Cuban sugar companies without paying one cent to the owners. This is why the commies are disliked…..they are worse than American companies. BTW, American fast food companies provide a lot of jobs for people in Russia. Lots of sugar beets are grown in the US.

              Zinc is readily available worldwide….no need to buy it from Cuba.

              I totally disagree with the US Sanctions against Russia…..its very stupid.

          • @”Douglas”
            …”are priced so high that…”. –They are priced high because most countries are not ‘allowed’ by Merican’t “sanctions” to buy or sell anything to Cuba. You can go and check the Merican’t “Helms Burton Act”. I will gladly post it here for you, no problem.

            …”there is no money in Cuba for the infrastructure that is required to…”. –Thanks to the same, Merican’t imposed Blockade, Cuba is denied access to international finance and banking system. Also, no imports or exports are ‘allowed’ to the island, so no money comes in. This alone is enough to doom the economy of whatever country, commie or not. I’ll post this again if you still have a comprehension problem. If you disagree, go ahead: prove it wrong instead of pasting the same (debunked) ‘suppositions’.

            …”Cuba does import some Chinese, Japanese, Italian and German cars, in addition to …”–Only through questionable brokers or third parties, who are not afraid of Merican’t “sanctions”; they are out of the formal international system, and charge their sky high ‘cost’ accordingly (and only in cash). That’s very easy to back up.

            …” The deliberate government caused poverty of Cuba…!. –That’s deliberate (and irrartional) by the Merican’t Goverment, and pretty easy to confirm. You can ask the EU, the UN (and even more than one Pope –LOL). Go and check for yourself. I’ll be glad to post their many condemnations and opinions here. And you?

            By ignoring the dire effects of this US Embargo (or its plain existence), it shows that your fake “concern” about the Cuban people is a worthless joke. Please confirm it again.

            –Ah, the hypocrisy…

            • @”Funny…”;You made a good point by noting the contrast between Cuba and Communist China. Nixon lifted the Embargo against China, and that’s why it could get access to international trade and finance for 45 decades. Commie China became an economic superpower.

              Cuba and the rest of Commie countries were denied that access; at some point stalled, and later…

              Now that US “sanctions” are making a comeback, this time against self-made “rivals”, competitors, partners and even Allies, we have to keep this present.

              • @”Douglas”

                You can’t reply anything coherent now, and it shows. About the Merican’t Embargo, you can look above. If you need more info (you really do), let me know. Hope you’re working on your comprehension problems. All my points stand (again).


  2. I am sure there were many memorable summers there. It is sad to see this go away as children are no longer interested in summer camp. The Boy Scout summer camp I attended as a child was developed into a neighborhood of million dollar homes. The memories still live on.

  3. Sad thing…

    One of the most important reasons that Communist China didn’t go through this sad fate, is that the US lifted it’s worldwide Economic Boycott against Beijing in the 1970’s. Other commie countries remained blockaded, and went bankrupt….

    China’s commies could reform their economy at a safe pace, (and remain in power with a planned economy), because it could trade with the rest of the world. Other commie countries weren’t ‘allowed’ to do so. This imposed, World Wide Boycott is often forgotten, but still is suffered today in some countries (and perhaps is making a comeback in others).

    The Devil is always in the details…

    • Very true.

      In the 70’s, China lagged behind the Soviet Union and the rest of the Commie block. But once the US lifted the Embargo on commie China, it could reform slowly and flourish. 40+ years later, it’s a success story.

      The US embargo on Cuba is considered a failure, because besides impoverishing the entire population, it gave legitimacy to the Cuban leadership. It confirmed its reason to exist and endure the resulting hardship.

      It seems the same will happen with Trump’s current “sanctions” against everybody else.

      • Asmo…..I am opposed to US sanctions against Russia, and Cuba. Trump is making a mistake to continue these sanctions. Castro had a big problem…..he hated people in general and he hated poor Cubans the most. His alcoholic brother is no better. Castro was a baseball player but he was rejected by US teams….he never got over that rejection. He spent his life trying to get even. A sad pathetic creature.

        • ‘Douglas’– US policies have damaged the situation of the Cuban population far more than any Cuban could possibly do. Before Castro, and still today. Yes, I also can post solid evidence of everything I write, and you know it well.

          Looks like you are only preaching some particular, self-pandering ‘beliefs’ in this article. And cherished beliefs don’t care about sound arguments or evidence (you still have none, and that’s why it seems you’re cornered at this point).

          Hope you can relax. Whatever you do, be my guest.

          • Asmo…..I guess you feel Castro was good for Cuba? His confiscation of US businesses and brutal repressive commie regime was good for the Cuban people?

            Why aren’t refugees rushing to enter commie Cuba? I guess they figure its too good for them.

            • @Douglas, i am much more concerned with the lives and well being of the people and all our environment than with what investors expect from all others. It is a relatively simple thing to get rich and live ones own greed without any kind of social responsibility… and i explicitly do not mean the tax avoiding inherently anti democratic foundations of rich people and their loud talks of seemingly the good things they do for mankind.

            • Your “Refugees” flee Cuba thanks for the effects of the US Embargo that you’re so happy to DENY. They don’t. Look up at the many comments that explains its effects and word wide opinions. The flood of migrants in Florida is just a another blowback caused by the US itself. One of many… As said, no Cuban have caused so much damage to the Cubans than the hostile (andf failed) US policies.

              Unfortunately, you still can’t reply anything to this. We already know ou just have a ‘belief’…

            • ‘Douglas’ — …So, at the beginning Castro WAS better than the US’ propped Dictatorship that caused a Revolution in the first place. But the US response (the blockade you happily ignore, and other hostile actions) caused the Castro’s reactions that ‘shock’ you so much (and ignoring everything else, of course). Later, Castro had to turn to the Soviets, and the rest is history…

              —“After the Castro socialist government came to power on January 1, 1959, Castro made overtures to the United States, but was rebuffed by the Dwight D. Eisenhower administration, which by March began making plans to help overthrow him. Congress did not want to lift the embargo…”.

              –“United States Embargo against Cuba” –Wikipedia.

              If you disagree, go ahead, write down YOUR reference. You have one, haven’t you? Emotional (and baseless) ‘beliefs’ are not enough here.

              This is entertaining…

              • Your comment is “…Castro had to turn to the Soviets, “….really, he was forced to turn to the commies in Soviet Russia. No one with a brain can swallow your convoluted thoughts., Asmo. But don’t worry, many people believe that Castro was good for Cuba….but I’m not one of them. Sorry.

                • @”Douglas”

                  U mad? Of course you are…

                  …”No one with a brain can swallow your convoluted…”. –LOL.
                  …”was forced to turn to the commies in Soviet Russia…”. –That’s what happened and that’s pretty easy to back up. So, as always, Merican’ts keep impoverishing people and creating “refugees”. Write down your “reference” instead of exposing your ignorance even more. What are you waiting for? Too dfficult?

                  This is hilarious.

                • @’Douglas’ –Huh? Read again my comment and my reference, and then you can reply. If you disagree, write down YOURS. Where is your ‘reference’? As said, Emotional (and baseless) ‘beliefs’ nare not enough here.

  4. Asmo, Mr. Funny and Benjamin… give me a lot of flak. Taking a lot of flak means one thing…you’re over the target. The target being that communism was good for Cuba….and other miscellaneous gibberish.

    • Douglas, it all boils down to, always has… who shall own and control what. It is always a simple game, the rich versus the poor. I am not one to speak for the oligarchy in the sense that a few shall own what many need… for me this is simply theft. It is no such thing as flak from my side.

    • ‘Douglas’ –Over ‘target’? No. It’s clear you can’t separate the Cuban situation from hostile US policies like the Embargo (something you happily keep ignoring). That’s the real cause of impoverishment there –and in many other places, commie or not.

      Again, if you want to know about a Commie country without hostile US world-blockades, check Red China since the 1970’s.

      You have been given neutral references as back up all this. If you still want to preach your self-serving ‘beliefs’, you still have nothing to back them up… It’s easy to see that your ‘beliefs’ are useless to explain much of your own world. And that’s all you have here.

      You got off ‘target’ on your own. Again…

      • Asm… communism was good for Cuba? You refuse to answer that. Why?
        Yes, the US embargo was very real. But you forget that Cuba can get anything it wants from Russia and other countries. Russia even gave Cuba many things for free. Wow, ain’t that great.

        • @’Douglas’ – Yes, Communism was good for Cuba. It raised the living standard of the population, eradicated chronic illeteracy and starvation, and providaded a highly efficient heath care, saving countless of lives.

          All this without forgetting the dire effects of a hostila US Embargo and other highly aggressive US policies against the people of the island (which you continue to ignore). This was confirmed after the Soviet Union was gone.

        • Oh,and no, Caba still CAN’T “get anything it wants” from anybody, and Russia has nothing to do with Cuba today –youir entire Establishment would be screaming in even more panic… I’m glad you keep exposing your (willing) ignorance, because, well, you have only your sel-pandering (and failed) ‘beliefs’. What ele can you do?

          …And before you reply mpore baselss ‘beliefs’, you haven’t refuted anything I have written here. We know you disagree, but you don’t even know why… –LOL. That’s clear.

          Go ahead, write down YOUR ‘reference’ to back up your ‘suppositions’. Cherished ‘beliefs’ are not enough. You’re dealing with adults here.

          Good luck!

            • @Douglas -Thanks for showing the dire effects of the current US-led Embargo on Cuba. Something similar happened to Iraq before the last ILLEGAL US invasion: 500,000 Iraqi ill children died because of US blockade ‘sanctions’. I don’t see your ‘indignation’ on both cases.

              As said, no Cuban has caused so much damage to the Cuban population, as the hostile (and failed) US policies have. Thanks again for your confirmation.

            • @Douglas – Thanks for showing the horrific effects of the US ‘economic sanctions’, blockades, etc… Because “it’s worth it”…


              Faced with the U-S embargo and the Helms-Burton Act restricting investment, Cuba is struggling to maintain its reputation for having one of the best medical systems in the world. –AP


        • THe Guardian:

          –“Cuba: A development model that proved the doubters wrong”

          “Cuba’s unique approach to the eradication of extreme poverty sets it apart from other Latin American and Caribbean countries, but the challenge now is how it evolves… Apart from achieving near 100% literacy many years ago, its health statistics are the envy of many far richer countries… The differences between poverty in Cuba and other Latin and Caribbean countries are stark “. –Jonathan Glennie, The Guardian, August 11, 2011

  5. @ The usual gang:….Talking to people on this subject is like talking to 1960 Summer Camp Soviet Pioneers who are still lost in their magical imaginary world of Marxist/Leninist/Stalinist utopian daydreams. You follow the typical tactics of the Saul Alinsky crowd. It would be best for all of you to live in North Korea….your current favorite paradise.

    • @”Douglas”

      …”the US embargo was very real…”.- Oh, ‘was’? It still is “very real”, dummy. This alone confirms you’re in another, fantasy orbit.

      …”Cuba can get anything it wants from Russia…”. –LOLZ. Wrong. Your Pentagon would be squealing far more paranoia than it does now. But… Did you mean the Soviet Union? You are scared of a country that hasn’t existed for 25 years. LOL.

      Still SCARED? Yes, you are…

      Please write down more fantasies, Sure way to FAIL.


      • @”Douglas”

        –“is like talking to 1960 Summer Camp Soviet Pioneers who…”.–LOL.
        U mad? Of course you are… We’re not to blame of your (willing) ignorance and comprehension problems.

        …”and other countries….”. –Wrong. The US Embargo is still in place. Look up at all the posts here describing its crippling effects. Is reading too difficult? –LOL. Here’s some help:

        Again, US hostile policies impoverish countries –commie or not– and create co8untless “refugees” (or desperate migrants flooding your own country). LOL. So ‘awesome’!

        Aqain, your ‘indignation’ and fake ‘concern’ about the Cuban population, are just an empty joke. Confirmed.

        Apparently, you don’t even know WHY you ‘disagree’…. As expected, you still can’t refute anything here. Nothing. Much less. support your own ‘views’. Pity…

        All my points stand. (Again).

        –Ah, too easy…

  6. @FunnyMerican’ts

    Thanks for pointing out the consecuences of the US Embargos (and many other aggressive actions) from the US against Cuba –and the total LACK of them against Communist China for more than 40+ years.

    The effects of the US led World Blockades alone are telling. Commie countries can be pretty succesful with out them. Red China is a BIF expample.

    In the meantime, our friend “Douglas” will keep showing us his funny state of denial here (and nothing else). I expected more from him… Let’s see how low he can go.

  7. ****…Red China is a BIG expample of a Commie country without “Embargo” and other US agressions. ‘Typos’ can turn some right-wingers far more fanatic than they are.

    Thanks again for your comments ‘Mr.Funny’.

  8. Guys and Gals – Many people visit EnglishRussia to learn more about a fascinating part of the world, its people and its history.

    Because of this robust discussion is welcome, but personal attacks are not.
    Please keep the comments civil and relevant to the topic.

  9. Oscar, apparently the Chinese “free from US Embargo” period is ending this year, after some 4 decades of tremendous growth (in Commie China, of course).

    If the Chinese are half as determined as the beleagered Cubans, the Orange Trump really doesn’t know what’s in store for him (and for his already dependent and indebted “dominance” economy). IMHO, both sides will suffer the same, but the rest of the world doesn’t deserve the damaging results of this economic conflict. But some changes can be good… We’re living in another very interesting era. And it’s just starting.

  10. @Douglas – The horrific effects of the US ‘economic sanctions’, blockades, etc… Because “it’s worth it”…

    • @Douglas…name calling is a bad base for debate i agree. Also i have to mention that in the media here where i live there is never a day without mention something negative about Russia or any other as such declared enemies of the US. The international sections of the media are full of Trump and full of Putin and all are negative in any sense… it is simply propaganda and outright warmongering in the name of freedom and democracy. Those people who believe in such concepts as socialism, peace and empathy are enemies as well… these people are being ridiculed and criminalised… this my point of view.

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