Live Video Webcam from Moscow Beer Bar Goes Viral [link]


People of the online Russian communities found a new entertainment a couple of days ago – watching the people visiting a small Russian bar/shop in the centre of Moscow. The video comes with sound so you can get the feel of what’s going on there. We publish the live video here too, here is the webcam feed:

If you have a couple of minutes to kill here it is, you can discuss it in the comments too. Just press play above.

update: looks like camera is down now…

update2: camera live again!

update3: if your video is lagging you can press “low” in settings to speed up the feed

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  1. I suspect the owner turned it off because there was too much traffic. That is called “farked” because it happened so often with links on

    • Fark still going is it? I used to hang out there before it turned into a noxious cesspit of political partisanship. Which is a shame, it was a fun site.

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