ISIS Armored Vehicles Captured During Battle for Oil Fields in Syria on Expo in Moscow



During a battle for the control of an oil field called “Shaer”, the Russian army captured a number of heavily modified ISIS armored vehicles. Now they have taken them to Moscow and have put them on display in “Patriot” park for everyone to see. The white numbers and letters on the doors, etc, show the thickness of the self-made armored plates – the one above has 25mm thick armor on a door and 15mm armored plates on a turret. Here are some more:



Some vehicles had armored windows too. And almost all of them have bullet marks as they have participated in real battles.

orig-5 orig-6 orig-7


The interiors are not luxurious – just functional





But every corner of the vehicle is heavily armored, including the windshields.orig-9

This vehicle’s windshield has 8mm thick armored plates. How do they see their surroundings?

This is how it looks from inside: orig-10 orig-11


There’s not too much light inside but who cares. When bullets fly around, survival becomes a priority.


These doors also have huge locks like in a safe



Some are modifieid US HUM-VEEs



And some you can’t recognize what it was before the armored plates were mounted.

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Also yesterday there were Syrian grenade launchers here.

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  1. I say pull everyone out of all of the “stan” countries & Syria, put a huge border around them and let em have at it. Other than the Poppy fields, there is nothing productive that comes out of those areas.

  2. ISIS stole a lot of former U.S. equipment from the Iraqi Army, including Abrams tanks. Exactly why I oppose leaving any modern military equipment behind when you withdraw from a bad decision. If you can’t take it with you, destroy it so it can not later be used against you.

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