It’s Raining Bugs in Yakutia (the video is really creepy)


Two days ago, the Yakutian nature conservation center received a call that “unknown bugs have been found in their thousands in one part of the Yakutia region “.

 When they went there and took samples, the locals told them about a rare event when million of insects were in the air and then dropped down to the ground as the rain started.




Those are Corixidae insects, varying in size of 1.5 to 15mm. Here is a video to understand the scale of the event:


The ground was literally covered with bugs.


Also, locals remember that such a thing had happened in the past – one hundred years ago, in approximately 1917. We all know what happened next in the country. Can it be some kind of sign?

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  1. I bet they would make great food for chickens. Nothing beats an egg laid by a insect fed chicken! As to the whole omen thing I think it is a sign you have many metric tonnes of bugs!

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