Water of Gulf of Finland Near Petersburg is Now Emerald


The waters of the Gulf of Finland turned green near St.Petersburg, Russia. They say it is because of the algae and the abnormally high temperature of the air and water this year. Like, if your pool gets warm and no chlorine is added, it becomes infested with green algae like this, too.



Scientists say it’s dangerous too – the algae releases toxins when it dies, which is dangerous to mammals and birds.




The recent deaths of ducks in St.Petersburg lakes are connected to this algae, too.





The toxins released by the algae can be dangerous for humans too – they affect the human liver.



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5 thoughts on “Water of Gulf of Finland Near Petersburg is Now Emerald”

  1. Not just the abnormally high heat causes green algae to flourish all the manure from the large chicken farms in the Leningrad region that finds its way into the Gulf of Finland will hep it as well.

    • You’re correct, actually most of central/eastern europe river’s and reservoirs were full of algae this summer due to crazy heat waves in august, i live in the Czech Republic, and you couldn’t find a single source of water that wasnt green.

  2. @ David Pepper: You are correct, excessive nitrates in the water supply can and does cause algal blooms. Another cause for excessive nitrates is caused by run-offs from luxury lawns. Farm fertilizer run-off is another cause as well.

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