The Longest House in the World is from Ukraine: Over 3700 Meter Long


This is the longest house in ex-USSR, Europe and in the World too – at least that’s what they say in the records book. This is a residential complex in the Ukrainian city of Lutsk.

Its total length, if measured from end to end, is a shocking 1750 meters, or over one mile, long.



But if you add up all its twists and turns, you get the number of 3760 meters – this is its total length.



The building has over 120 entrances and there are over 9000 (sic!) people living in its apartments.




In fact, this building is forty different buildings – from five to nine stores tall – all joined together in one super-building.


Its construction was started in 1969 and ended in 1980! It took eleven years to finish.

This fourteen-second drone video clip shows it from above:

Local people call it “The Great Chinese Wall”: to go from one of its ends to the other you have to ride a bus for a few stops.

Interestingly enough, not all the people living in this house realize that it is the longest residential building in the world – there is no marking on the building itself to inform the inhabitants.

Also, every delivery man in town has a story about how he couldn’t find an address here.

12 thoughts on “The Longest House in the World is from Ukraine: Over 3700 Meter Long”

  1. Another upscale favela. Living in this place would be mind numbing. The saving grace is that Russians are used to it or are they?

  2. Good evening,
    You are wrong, the longest buildin on the world is “Prora”, Nazi building in Germany! 4.5 km!

  3. You guys must have a different definition of “residential”.

    This is an apartment complex. It’s not built for one family, which is obvious when you look at the building.

  4. In Russia and nearby states, the usual word for apartment building is ”house”. It does seem odd but that’s the way they say it.

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