Tank Crew Member Brings His Woman to Work [video]


Tanksman bring his lady to tank. Asks to reload gun and fire. She is done after first fire, isn’t want this anymore:

6 thoughts on “Tank Crew Member Brings His Woman to Work [video]”

  1. Also, how the hell did he get her in there in the first place? Do they not have such trivialities as base security in his unit?

  2. Can’t speak for the Russian/CIS military, but I know that the U.S. military, and some other NATO countries have “Family Days”, where families, girlfriends, etc, etc are permitted to spend a day seeing what their soldiers do, and that often includes riding in military vehicles, and even firing weapons. Totally supervised, of course, but it allows them to see what their soldiers do for a living.

    She looks a little frightened, but not terrified.


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